TOA Canada - TOA to Celebrate 80th Corporate Anniversary
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18-December-2013 3:30pm

TOA to Celebrate 80th Corporate Anniversary

80 Years

TOA Canada Corporation will be celebrating the 80th anniversary of TOA Corporation with a open house, a special logo that will be used in conjunction with the standard company logo throughout the year and other commemorations in 2014.

The company was founded in Kobe, Japan in 1934 by Tsunetaro Nakatani as TOA Electric Manufacturing Company. That same year production and sales of horn speakers, microphones and amplifiers begin.

Although TOA products have been installed in Canada for almost 40 years, TOA Canada Corporation was formed in 1990 as a complete sound solutions provider for the Canadian market, specializing in commercial audio, including, public address, voice communications and voice evacuation and emergency paging requirements. The division offers complete solutions for all corporate and commercial audio communications and intercom requirements.

Some of the highlights through the 80 years include the company building being totally destroyed in the March 16 and 17, 1945 Kobe air raids, the company's first overseas trade in 1953 as TOA began exporting to India, TOA broadcasting equipment being chosen for 31 locations around Tokyo Olympic Games venues in 1964, a pendent speaker, the industry's first of its kind, developed in 1972, TOA Electric Co., Ltd. renamed TOA Corporation in 1989 and new products employing TOA's networking technologies are released in 2002.

The history page of the corporate website ( provides a full record of the company through the years with historic archives such as the 1944 catalog as well as photos and descriptions of various products since it was founded.

Looking back on the past 80 years, Rico Lucia, National Sales Manager for TOA Canada, is impressed at how far TOA has come. "This was a small company in Japan that was built into an efficient, state-of-the-art global leader in products ranging from digital amplifiers and speakers, to mixers, wireless microphone systems and digital processors used in sound reinforcement, to integrated IP intercom and camera systems for security and communications.

"TOA's highly qualified global team, whose individual talents and ambitions have propelled us far beyond even our highest expectations, are an important aspect of our success. Though there are many factors which have attributed to our success, underlying them all is an unwavering commitment to meet our customers' needs. On behalf of the entire company I would like to thank our customers, consultants, engineers and end users for their loyal support."

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